Coral - Gruppi carrellati aspiranti filtranti per saldatura e polveri - Torino

Coral SpA portable fume and dust collectors means guaranteed convenience

You can count on Coral SpA to solve your workplace air quality problems. Coral SpA has manufactured for years portable dust collectors for welding fumes, extraction arms for the industry, articulated arms for laboratories, pantograph exhausting arms, downdraft benches, sanding tables, welding downdraft benches, fume extraction hoods and all the necessary parts for industrial ducting such as dust collection pipes, bends, manifolds, chimneys, industrial silencers.

It also offers products for industrial filters and deodorizers for fumes and vapours produced by solvents or machining operations. The portable fume and dust collectors, designed on state-of-the-art technology, are intended to be used by both major industries and small businesses in need of extraction and filtration equipment that can be easily moved. The portable dust and fume extractors are rugged, compact, easy to handle and easy to use. ATEX articulated extraction arms, flexible extraction arms, extendable exhausting arms able to easily reach the polluting source can be mounted on several of these units. CORAL SpA has succeeded in providing a simple, functional and reliable solution for purifying working environments thanks to a complete range of components for handling, in compliance with law, pollution in working environments.

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