Impianti di aspirazione fumi - Coral, Torino

Industrial air extraction systems, industrial air filtration systems manufactured and realized by Coral spa

Polluted air in the workplace must be treated using centralised industrial extraction systems, smoke exhausting systems, industrial dust extraction systems, dust extractors for carpentry, welding fume dust collectors, oil mist separators for tool machines, vehicle exhaust extraction systems, dust collectors for car repair shops, installations with industrial fume extraction hoods, baghouse dust collectors for the wood processing industry, dust and fume collectors for specific applications.

After the extraction stage of pollutants the next step is the need of air filtration systems, dust collectors and dust separators, fumes extractors, electrostatic precipitators, oil mist collectors, activated carbon air filters, air handling units and finally industrial dust collector cartridge filters. Coral S.p.A. not only designs and manufactures these systems but also takes care of the installation of extraction systems such as: centralised dust collectors, industrial dust extractors, dusty air collectors, industrial air dust collectors, fine dust extractors, wood and saw dust collectors, fumes exhausters, welding fume and smoke extractors.

Our great range of fume and dust filters centrally ducted with our dust & fume heavy duty filters with hepa filter and charcoal filter now completed with heavy dust collector, wet dust collector for explosive materials and water filter dust collectors, ducted wet dust collectors is used in the most important producing companies world wide.

Our website features a number of photos showing various applications with wood and saw dust collectors, welding fume exhausters and oil mist separators.

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