Coral - Ventilatori Industriali - Torino

Coral's industrial dust extraction systems mean high technology

Since 1958 Coral S.p.a. has been engaged in the production and installation of centralized industrial extractors, welding fume exhausting systems, wood and saw dust collectors, welding fume and smoke extractors, oil mist separators for tool machines, vehicle exhaust extraction systems, dust collection systems for car repair shops, installations with industrial fume extraction hoods, dust collections systems for the wood processing industry, specific industrial dust collectors for nuclear power plants and for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

During the last shows we presented our new line of OIL MIST COLLECTOR, OIL MIST FILTER UNITS, one man portable air filtration and cleaning units, portable high vacuum filtration units for industrial applications.

Coral also delivers dust collectors for the food processing industry by filtration and separation of cereal powder, flour powder, sugar powder and other food processing powder.

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