industrial collection systems for welding fumes and oil mists

The production of industrial collection systems for welding fumes and oil mists is guaranteed by Coral SpA

Coral SpA manufactures sleeve dust collectors, cartridge dust collectors, activated carbon fume extractors, industrial electrostatic air cleaners, absolute HEPA filters, ATEX certified dust extractors, portable fume and dust collectors and baghouse dust extractors for centralised systems, for state-of the- art air treatment. During business hours, many companies produce gas, harmful fumes, dust particles to be filtered, such as: welding fumes, metallic or explosive dust particles, oil mists, wood dust or chips, solvent fumes, painting dust and fluids, etc.

Below is a list of the industrial dust collectors and filters we manufacture:

  • self-cleaning sleeve dust collectors
  • self-cleaning cartridge dust collectors
  • ATEX approved dust extractors
  • ATEX approved cartridge dust extractors
  • activated carbon fume extractors
  • industrial wet separators
  • cyclone separators
  • pocket filter dust extractors
  • ridged pocket filter dust extractors
  • fabric filters dust collectors
  • industrial electrostatic air cleaners
  • HEPA filter air cleaners
  • spray booth filters
  • hood filters
  • filters for extraction systems
  • filters for powder and liquid coatings

Coral SpA has a highly skilled technical department specialized in industrial soundproofing systems, offering a wide range of custom designed industrial silencers, acoustic cabins, noise barriers and soundproof - sound deadening booths certified by the Galileo Ferraris institute in Turin and by EUROFIN MODULO UNO.

Coral SpA operates in the filter systems for nuclear power plants with high efficiency filters certified by the French EDF (Energie de France), as well as filters designed for chemical and pharmaceutical fields.

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